4th World eSIM Summit

Start : Thursday 6 Feb 2020
End : Friday 7 Feb 2020
Venue : Steinberger Hotel am Kanzleramt
Location : Berlin, GER

This event will bring together top level executives from mobile telecommunication, connected device manufacturers, technology solution and automotive industries to discuss the cross-industry transformation currently taking place due to the eSIM revolution. Leading professionals from global brands will be in attendance to share their experiences and discuss the latest technologies within the eSIM market.

Key practical learning points;

  • Examining the evolution of SIM
  • Main challenges faced by the enterprises embarking the IoT journey
  • The last barriers in the consumer market to unlock the global eSIM adoption while it presents NXP's approach to tackle these challenges
  • End consumer/customer benefits with eSIM penetration into IoT space
  • Implementation of eSIM in the existing MNO infrastructure
  • Adapting your Marketing and Branding campaigns to make the most of the eSIM adoption
  • What are the missing points, holding back the eSIM industrialisation and penetration on the market?
  • Changes in the security solutions and their influence on eSIM
  • eUICC use cases and trends, lessons from the field and insights on what's next
  • eSIM vs eUICC, evaluate the differences and how you can get the most out of your embedded SIMs

Source : Luxatia