Identity Week

Start : 16 Nov 2020
End : 18 Nov 2020
Venue : Virtual Event
Location : ---


With a powerful exhibition platform, a live face-to-face networking hub and a multi-track conference, Identity Week is a virtual event that allows an incredible number of positive conversations to take place.
It enables learning without barriers, and creates connections and leads in a way we could normally only dream about. For almost 20 years we have helped you to spark ideas, innovations, and relationships. We all need these now, more than any other time in our history.


Identity Week provides a first-class networking opportunity, creating a place where identity specialists can specify, buy and sell identity solutions incorporating digital identity, secure government credentials and biometrics. Book your meetings directly on the platform.


Establish connections with some of the world's leading identity professionals from governments, NGOs, commercial organizations, industry professionals and standards groups. Meet them virtually and extend your network.


Identity Week is featuring more than 80 hours of curated content from 150 speakers. Join in from wherever you are online to watch the sessions live or on-demand.